About Us

Brand ANITAS SWIMWEAR started its existence in 2017 in Dubai as an unapologetic tribute to women's curves and confidence. It's logo sign - Lioness - symbolizes an extremely ambitious, independent, driven woman who lives life on her own terms, and takes the best care of her own, as well as her family and friends. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She is the hunter, gatherer and child bearer. She does it ALL.

That's why our motto states: "I AM A WOMAN. What's your superpower?"

Like the lioness, today’s woman does it all. She works a full-time job, pursuing her career with full ambitions and then comes home, takes care of herself and manages to be a girlfriend, a wife, a mother and a friend. Women are capable of incredible things!

The lioness embodies the raw power of a woman. Caring, nurturing and fiercely protective – ANITAS babes are the lionesses and they are the queens in their own right. 

Capturing the spirit of Dubai, big ambitions and craziness, ANITAS Babes are the girls who dare to be different and look outstanding from the crowd, like the lionesses in their pride.

ANITAS SWIMWEAR promotes beauty of the female body and incredible allure in the strength of a woman. 
Each Bikini and Swimwear piece of ours is designed to emphasize that beauty, sexuality and charming personality of each woman.


ANITAS SWIMWEAR is an official sponsor of QUEEN USSR 2019 Dubai.